The relationship of the Parties herein shall be governed by the following terms and conditions. Please read these Terms and conditions carefully.

1. Scope of Work
Finishing Touches, LLC shall provide a technician(s) to perform handyman services at the Client/Homeowner herein in accordance with the services requested for within the “Scope of Work” outlined.

2. Payment Rates
2.1 Finishing Touches, LLC agrees to provide handyman services at the standard hourly rate of $75 for the first hour and $50 an hour for every additional time thereafter.
2.2 All handyman services shall be billed in half hour increments with an hour minimum rate at $75.
2.3 Any work to be completed at a different hourly rate or lump sum price, shall be listed on this Service Agreement failure to which standard rates apply.
2.4 Furthermore, the full payment shall be made on the day the services are completed. The Client also agrees to pay all extra hours for longer projects that take more than a day to complete. Prior to that an advance deposit will be required along with a signed proposal.

3. Payment Terms
The Client/ Homeowner is required to make payments via cash, check, or credit card upon completion of the work. Finishing Touches, LLC possesses the ability to place a lien on the Homeowner’s property upon completion of the project, and shall fully release the lien upon receipt of final payment from the Homeowner.
NOTE: Finishing Touches, LLC technicians DO NOT and are NOT ALLOWED to accept any tips provided by the Client.

4. Agents/Assigns/Partners
This agreement binds all of the owners and or partners of the property where handyman services are provided by the Company.

5. Order Change(s)
5.1 Finishing Touches, LLC shall perform only those services approved in writing by the Homeowner. If the Homeowner shall, at any time, require services not listed in the scope of work attached to this handyman service contract, a written change order shall be created and signed by both parties prior to the performance of such work.
5.2 For any such work, Finishing Touches has the right to refuse approval/ performance of such additional work introduced during the performance of this Contract.

6. Permits, Licensing, & Approvals
The Client/ Homeowner shall be responsible for procuring any permits or approvals required for successful completion of the projects listed in the scope of work. This includes any zoning changes or changes to applicable covenants or local building guidelines.

7. Insurance & Loss Coverage
7.1 The Client/ Homeowner shall maintain an adequate property insurance to protect against loss or damage due to theft, fire, vandalism, among other insurable causes/ interest.
7.2 Additionally, Finishing Touches, LLC shall maintain a reasonable liability insurance to protect against personal injury or loss.
7.3 Both parties shall for purposes of record keeping provide copies of the Insurance Certificates of their respective policies at the time of signing this Contract.

8. Marketing
The Company is authorized to take photos of any and all work that takes place inside of the property for the purpose of marketing. Such photos shall be used for advertisement purposes only but NOT disclose any of the Client’s confidential information within or in the photo.

9. Property Access
9.1 The Client/ Homeowner agrees to facilitate the entry or be present at the scheduled work time to ensure that the technician(s) has reasonable access to the working area, including parking space.
9.2 Finishing Touches, LLC shall contact the Client/ Homeowner 72 hours prior to arrival to schedule an appropriate arrival time, and make a reasonable effort not to disturb or damage the Homeowner’s property outside of any demolition required for the project listed in the scope of work.

10. Site Conditions
10.1 Finishing Touches, LLC shall take reasonable measures to ensure that the scope of work and pricing represent the entire project requirements but CANNOT guarantee the final price due to the possibility of unforeseen circumstances and market fluctuations.
10.2 In the event that unforeseen complications, including (but not limited to) molds, termites, structural damage, or building code violations are discovered after the project begins, Finishing Touches, LLC shall cease working on the project and draft a Change Order listing any additional required materials or labor. The Changes shall cause variations on the pricing which the Client agrees to bear in case of any changes in the Scope of Work.

11. Final Inspection
11.1 Prior to making the final payment, Client/ Homeowner shall have the opportunity to review all completed work with the Finishing Touches, LLC Technician. The Client will have the opportunity to identify any incomplete or unsatisfactory work, and is authorized to withhold 25% of final payment until such issues are addressed by the Company.
11.2 The identification of the unsatisfactory work shall be documented with photos and an explanation of why the work is unsatisfactory. The Client shall then provide a written statement of exactly what is expected to be undertaken for the work to be satisfactory.

12. Special Offers
The Company shall provide the following offers;
i. Free Filter Replacement for any service over $175; ii. Furnace filter replacement that requires less than 15 minutes of labor for replacement. If replacement exceeds 15 minutes to replace, Client has the option to accept the filter without the installation or pay for labor for replacing the filter.
NOTE: This is simply a promotional offer and at no period shall these terms not be met. If the Company is unable to provide these promotional services, Client shall receive a $10 credit on their next service call.
Furthermore, this service is only provided to Clients who pay full price rates as per our standard rates. Any Client’s enjoying a discounted, reduced, or lump sum price shall not be eligible for this promotional service.

13. Social Media/Website offer
Any promotional items/ services via the Company’s website/ social media shall be a one-time offer to be verified by Client through their social media name and/ or Gmail name/email. The Client can provide a screen shot proving that they liked the relevant social media site.
➢ If this information is unverifiable then the Client shall be ineligible for this promotional discount.

14. Warranty
14.1 Finishing Touches, LLC does not offer or imply any warranty for materials used for the project. Any defect or failure of parts or materials used in the project shall be the sole responsibility of the Homeowner.
14.2 Finishing Touches, LLC shall extend the warranty for all labor for a period of 30 days from date of completion of work. This warranty shall cover the installation and workmanship.
14.3 Should the Homeowner discover any incomplete, incorrect, faulty, or failed workmanship during the warranty period, Finishing Touches, LLC shall correct such issues at no additional cost to the Client as per the final inspection guidelines.

15. Dispute Resolution
All Parties herein agree to make reasonable efforts to resolve any disagreements related to this Contract amongst themselves. In the event that the two parties fail to agree on an issue, both parties resolve to settle the issue through a civil court located in Douglasville, Georgia. The decision of that court shall be considered final.

16. Governing Law
The validity, construction and enforceability of this Contract shall be governed in all respects by the laws of GEORGIA.

The undersigned parties agree that, having read and understood to entirety this Service Contract and paper attachments herein, this Contract shall commence as of date of work indicated above with the full intent that all parties involved uphold and enforce the full terms of this Agreement at all times.
By Client signing the Invoice issued to them by the Company shall be construed that they agree to the terms and conditions herein and that they own the property where work is being undertaken and/or have the legal right to authorize work by Finishing Touches, LLC.