8/3/2018Replaced the over-the-range microwave
9/5/2018Replaced (4) wall outlets
10/5/2018Installed a dog door in steel frame door
10/5/2018Install Fridge/ Kitchen-Bathroom Faucets
10/6/2018Weather-stripping Installation
10/6/2018Reupholstered Valances
10/7/2018Installed ceiling mount for boxing bag, anti-tip straps to book cases, & curtain rod
10/8/2018Replacing a fan switch
10/8/2018Curtain Rod Installs
10/13/2018(14) Window Faux Wood Blind Installation
11/18/2018Replaced a ceiling fan
11/18/2018Replaced a kitchen faucet
11/18/2018Installed a Ring Door Bell
11/18/2018Repair an incorrectly installed dryer vent
11/18/2018Replaced (2) A/C Filters
11/23/2018Installed Boxing Speed bag
11/23/2018Insulated (2) Garage doors
11/24/2018Replaced a ceiling fan
11/26/2018Curtain Rod/Curtain Installation
11/26/2018Curved Shower Rod Installation
11/29/2018Dishwasher Replacement
12/1/2018Over-the-range Microwave Replacement
12/1/2018(2) Door Lock Installation
12/1/2018Uninstalled a Dishwasher for Replacement
12/1/2018Toilet Pump Replacement
12/1/2018Toilet Set Replacement
12/1/2018Light Bulb Replacements
12/1/2018Banister Spindle Repair
12/1/2018Manual Curtain Rod Repair
12/1/2018(3) Bathroom Towel Hook Installation
12/1/2018Shower Head Installation
12/1/2018Shelving Repair/Installation
12/2/2018Curtain Rod to Drywall Repair
12/3/2018Installed Floating Shelving
12/3/2018Installed a RING Door Bell
12/5/2018Replaced (4) Door Lock Sets
12/5/2018Replaced Toilet Seats
12/5/2018Installed Washer
12/5/2018Hung Temporary Window Coverings
12/6/2018Installed Dryer and Replaced Outlet Wiring
12/6/2018Assembled (3) Beds
12/6/2018Hung (2) TV’s
12/7/2018Installed a dog door in steel frame door
12/7/2018Repaired Closet Shelving  (Incorrectly Installed)
12/7/2018Replaced Plumbed Water Filter
12/7/2018Repaired Incorrectly Installed Dog Door
12/8/2018Installed (2) Baby Gates
12/8/2018Installed (4) Bathroom Faucets
12/8/2018Installed Vintage Chandelier Fan
12/12/2018Installed Blinds
12/12/2018Installed (2) Shower Heads
12/16/2018Installed a Bio-metric Door Entry System (Commercial Property)
12/16/2018Mounted (7) TV’s (Commercial Property)
12/16/2018Installed (2) Ring Security Cameras (Commercial Property)
12/16/2018Installed a RING Wireless Alarm System (Commercial Property)
12/16/2018Installed a Employee Locker System (Commercial Property)
12/16/2018Installed Room Number (Commercial Property)
12/17/2018Paint Touch-up (Commercial Property)
12/17/2018Installed a RING Doorbell
12/23/2018Replaced an Over-The-Range Microwave (45 Minute Install)
12/24/2018Installed a Bio-metric Door Entry System (Commercial Property)
12/24/2018Hung (2) Large Mirrors (Commercial Property)
12/24/2018Installed (2) Cabinet Door Locks (Commercial Property)
12/24/2018Reversed Refrigerator Hinges  (Commercial Property)
12/24/2018Installed (4) Lock Sets
12/24/2018Caulked around Tub
12/24/2018Installed a Soap Dish in Shower
12/27/2018Mounted a 55″ TV
12/29/2018Installed (13) Faux Wood Blinds
12/29/2018Mounted a 55″ TV
12/29/2018Mounted a 65″ TV above Fireplace
12/29/2018Mounted a 65″ TV above Fireplace
12/29/2018Mounted a 50″ TV
12/29/2018Mounted a 40″ TV
12/30/2018Assembled (7) Furniture Items: (2) Desk, (2) Chairs, (3) Stools, Decorative Furniture Item
1/2/2019Mount Mirror
1/2/2019Assembled (2) Luxury Chairs
1/2/2019Mounted a 32″ TV
1/3/2019Hung (10) Luxury Draperies and Rods
1/4/2019Blind Measurements
1/5/2019Mounted a 42″ TV Above Fireplace
1/5/2019Touch Up Painted in Bedroom
1/5/2019Installed a Ring Door Bell and Chime Pro
1/6/2019Mounted Mirror
1/6/2019Reversed Refrigerator Hinges
1/6/2019Adjusted Door Locks
1/6/2019Mounted a 65″ TV above Fireplace
1/6/2019Mounted a 55″ TV
1/6/2019Mounted a 32″ TV
1/10/2019Mounted a 50″ TV
1/10/2019Mounted a 32″ TV
1/11/2019Mounted (2) Glass Dry Erase Boards
1/12/2019Installed an over-the range microwave
1/13/2019Installed (9) Window Blinds
1/17/2019Installed (6) Custom Blinds
1/19/2019Installed (1) Replacement Blind
1/20/2019Built Out (2) Closets w/Wire Shelving
1/20/2019Mounted a 55″ TV
1/22/2019Built Out Laundry Room Shelving
1/26/2019Re-Configured a Closet with Wire Shelving
1/26/2019Mounted a 40″ TV
1/26/2019Replaced a Kitchen Faucet
2/2/2019Measured for Window Treatments
2/9/2019Installed Curtain Rods
2/10/2019Installed (3) Blinds
2/10/2019Installed Curtain Rods
2/13/2019Installed (3) Roman Shades
2/14/2019Installed an over-the range microwave
2/16/2019Property Maintenance
2/16/2019Mounted 40″ TV
2/17/2019Assembled Bedroom Furniture
2/21/2019Contract Job (Post Reno Project): Installed 13 light fixtures, built out 4 closets, & installed bulbs
2/23/2019Installed window film on (6) windows, handyman work, installed curtains, and installed garage shelving
2/24/2019Installed towel racks, hung mirrors, and secured a large mirror to wall
2/28/2019Contract Job (Post Reno Project):  Replaced kitchen vent hood, secured ceiling lights, installed dryer vent, installed window screens
3/2/2019Toilet pump & handle replacement
3/2/2019Replaced door handle and lock
3/2/2019Installed (5) luxury curtains & rods
3/3/2019Installed a over-the-range microwave
3/5/2019Replaced (4) window blinds to faux wood blinds
3/6/2019Installed (5) window shades
3/7/2019Hung (9) pictures
3/7/2019Installed (3) luxury curtains & rods
3/9/2019Installed cabinet lock, installed (9) door hangers & stoppers, & paint touch-up
3/9/2019Installed anti-tip technology of shelf and mounted magazine rack
3/12/2019Hung (5) pictures
3/13/2019Installed a over-the-range microwave
3/16/2019Measure home for blinds (entire house)
3/16/2019Replaced over-the-range microwave
3/24/2019Repaired Bi-Fold Closet doors
3/24/2019Touch up paint and paint matching
3/26/2019Mounted a 40″ TV
3/30/2019Driveway crack repairs
3/30/2019Blind Installation
3/31/2019Repair bi-fold door
3/31/2019Blind Installation, Ring doorbell installation, and curtain rod installation

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